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Derek Clark

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13 Years in Foster Care to a Success Story

Trauma Informed & ACEs Conference Keynote Speaker Childhood Trauma and Resilience Speaker

Viral Video Sensation Rapping Dad Video Over 250 Million Views


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Inspirational Keynote Speaker, Trainer & Author Derek Clark:

An Inspiring motivational speaker and trainer for virtual keynotes through Zoom and other online platforms, webinars, conferences, fundraisers and training.

Audiences evaluations state that Derek Clark is one of the most inspiring motivational speakers. Derek shares his expertise on childhood trauma, adverse childhood experiences, ACEs, leadership, management, trauma, helping employees overcome adversity, foster care, juvenile justice, social work, child welfare, early childhood development, mental health, child abuse/family violence and connecting with the human spirit. Your audience will feel motivated, educated, rejuvenated and ready to take action to improve outcomes. Derek’s popular keynote speech is  “Trauma, Resilience and Redemption!” Derek is an inspiring keynote speaker for conferences, training, meetings and special events. Make your event the best one yet! To reserve Derek for a keynote speech or a training program 

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Keynote Speaker And Trainer
that Inspires Hope:

Derek Clark is an inspiring and exciting trainer and opening / closing keynote speaker. He delivers a message of hope, motivation and determination to push through adversity.

Who is Motivational Keynote Speaker Derek Clark?

Derek Clark has an incredible story of inspiration. As a survivor of brutal child abuse, rejection and abandonment at age five, he was placed into the foster care system where he would stay for thirteen years. His special keynote speeches motivate employees and managers to overcome limited thinking and become solution focused thinkers. He is an international speaker, author of seven books and recently became an internet sensation for his viral video Rapping Dad with over 250 million views.

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