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Having a Hard Time With Your Child or Teenager? Try These 15 Powerful Phrases to Connect With Them.

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  1. Shar says:

    This his me right in the heart. It’s true, the problem is we think we have time, and now our family is in crisis. Our 16 year old daughter needs help as she’s taken off with a bf. Her dad and I separated when she was a baby and she has lived with him since 2 yrs old. The visits were often then she started school so it was summer visits mainly which really tapered off in her pre teen days when she started to just be “too busy” to come visit. I guess I missed the signs then 🙁 We keep beating ourselves up now over the what ifs and the if onlys, tried going together to the bf’s to try talk to her but nothing’s being through. She is so angry. And rightfully so since she was never listened to when she tried to say she was sad and didn’t know how to get through it. We think we have time but we don’t. So now all we can do is stand united in the fight to get her help, keep loving her and show her we won’t give up. All we have is hope.

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