Derek Clark Childhood Trauma Motivational Speaker

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Derek Clark’s TEDx Talk “The Power of Determination”.

Labels From Foster Care Did Not Stop Derek Clark From Achieving Greatness!

Derek Clark Inspires You to Own Your Greatness! Never Let a Weakness Destroy Your Greatness. Awesome Video

Derek Clark Inspires You to Never Give Up and to Never Limit Your Life! You Were Born With Greatness! From Foster Care To Success

From Child Abuse Victim to Victor. Derek Clark Never Gave Up

Never Let a Weakness Destroy Your Greatness! Derek Clark Inspires Thousands to Never Limit Life.

Derek Clark, Motivational Speaker For Foster Care on Connecting To Children and At-Risk Youth

You’ll Greatly Increase Your Chances of Success After Watching This Powerful Video “From Struggles To Success” Derek Clark Brings The Truth

Awesome and Engaging Video of Derek Clark Inspiring Thousands of Youth

Derek Clark Doing An Amazing Rap With A World Champion Beat Boxer. You Have To See This To Believe It

Foster Care Speaker Derek Clark With a Message About Saving The Children

Derek Clark Inspires California State Employees

Youth Motivational Speaker Derek Clark Shares His Most Personal Story Through Rap. Check This Out

Derek Clark Sings His Special Tribute Song to Foster Parents. “I Love My Foster Mom and Dad”

Derek Clark Say To Never Give Up!

Derek Clark Inspires a High School To Never Give Up!

Derek Clark Sings “God Save That Little Boy” About His Life In Foster Care.

Derek Clark Singing “I Wanna Be A Kid”

Business Motivational Speaker Derek Clark

Derek Clark Says To Get Back Up and Fight For Your Life

Derek Clark – Don’t Let An Excuse Control You

Watch Derek Clark Rap His Most Revealing and Personal Song About His Past. “This is My Life Story”

Derek Clark – No One Can Destroy You and Sings Invincible!

Motivational Youth Speaker Derek Clark Inspires High School Assembly

Foster Care Motivational Speaker Derek Clark

Derek Clark Inspires Youth to Never Give Up

Hire Derek Clark as Your Life Coach

Don’t let your past infect your future. You can thrive!