Motivational Speaker Derek Clark’s “Rapping Dad” Video Went Viral. Over One Million views!!!

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  1. Slade Olsen says:

    Hey man. Saw your video free styling, you got some flow. I connect with a lot of your history and background, as well as goals with myself and my record company. Was wondering if perhaps you would be interesting in sitting down and discussing your trials tribulations and successes with a young business owner with a like-minded ambition and history?
    Looking forward to hearing from you!

    Slade Olsen
    DeVine RecordS

  2. Dildora says:

    lol i love it i really wished that i had a dad like this or a dad.. 🙁

  3. Sonya Colburn says:

    I luv it ,I tried to download it to my phone but its a windows and it wouldn’t work,don’t have much money but would love to have a copy,my daughter is having some really bad times right now and I wish I could afford your books for her

  4. Martin says:

    @Dildora if you are not father yet i can guarantee that giving it all to your childs will give you even more hapiness , for childrens /we/ parents are all the world.

    @Derek Clark I wish ALL the best !!!
    Greatings from Norway!
    P.S sorry for my English… :-/

  5. Anne Taylor says:

    You INSPIRE ME! How do I get involved here, on the east coast; Wash. DC?

    T ~

  6. Mann your a cool dad. U inspriere me to thiings like that with my boys think u bro call me 512 945 2136 it whould so cool just to hear some of your raps to show my boys thank u an god bless keep up the good work we need more dads like u

  7. admin says:

    Thank you Kristopher! I am glad that you are connected to my Rapping Dad videos and message. God Bless You too! – Derek Clark

  8. Natalie says:

    I have enjoyed your work for a long time but just saw your video with your kids about drugs and I want to say thank you!! The line in it about not wanting to grow up to be an addict brought me to tears because I’ve used those words to describe my own brother many times. We were lucky enough to grow up with both our parents and our dad was not only a cop he was actually a narcotics officer so it tore him apart to see my brother become a drug addict and then eventually lose his life to a drug overdose.
    Even though our dad was a narcotics officer he never really spoke to us about the dangers of drugs because that wasn’t something parents did way back then and I absolutely don’t blame my dad for what happened to my brother but I applaud dads like you who now do everything they can to make sure no more kids end up in the graveyard with my brother. I have used my brothers death to teach my children about the dangers of addiction and hope that his unfortunate death will save my children’s lives and I want to thank YOU for trying to save more.
    You are an amazing, positive, talented, inspirational man and the world is lucky that you are sharing your gifts with us.

  9. admin says:

    Thank you so much for your kind words and for sharing a part of your life with me. I am grateful that you are connected to my messages and videos. Continue to be a blessing to your kids.

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