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Employee Motivation through Motivational Speaker Derek Clark

There are several ways that businesses attempt to influence employees. They give raises, provide extra days off, create flexible schedules, raffle off gift cards, hand out awards, and so much more. Yet, as successful as incentives can be in employee motivation, motivational speaking can do the job that much better.

Motivational speakers offer both inspiration and powerful advice based on firsthand success. They demonstrate the meaning that one can find in someone else’s life experience and story. In this blog, we’ll discuss the top five ways that you can motivate your employees through motivational speaking and why you should utilize a motivational speaker at your next event.

1. Deliver firsthand success stories

Motivational speakers don’t just tell others how to be successful; they share personal stories that speak from their firsthand experience with success. When you hire the right motivational speaker for your organization, they’ll come up with a speech that melds their experience with your employees’ expertise. This means all the life lessons will help trigger motivation while also reinvigorating your company’s goals. It’s a win-win!

2. Incorporate your company’s goals

As noted above, the best motivational speakers know how to integrate your organization’s mission into their speaking. Sometimes, employees lack motivation because their goals and values have stopped meaning anything to them. They don’t see how it can help them achieve their personal aims, or they just aren’t sure why they’re that important in their daily tasks.

Simply put, company goals often get lost in the day-to-day of a workplace. One way you can bring them to the forefront of your operations is through powerful leadership and motivational speaking. A great motivational speaker will work closely with you to re-evaluate your company’s values and present them to your employees in a way that creates a meaningful impact.

3. Revamp your employees’ perspectives

Sometimes your workplace needs an attitude adjustment. If you can’t seem to motivate or inspire people with gift cards or days off, it may be time to bring in a motivational speaker. They work to help people see routine tasks and events in an entirely different way. Once you’ve revamped your employees’ perspectives, you’ll see people innovate, invent, strategize, and collaborate in an entirely new way.

4. Help your staff find a work-life balance

Employees constantly struggle with finding the proper work-life balance. While you may think of your employees as serving the company in the office, their minds may be a thousand other places. How are their kids doing? Are their aging parents well? What about that fight they had with their partner this morning? Is their injured pet going to be okay at home today? What will they make for dinner? Will they be able to make it to a critical appointment right after work?

Motivational speakers can help put everything in perspective and note the critical work-life balance that your employees struggle with daily. With a new framework in mind (and the knowledge that they’re not the only ones struggling to stay balanced), they’ll come to work happier, more motivated, and more efficient. Bonus? With higher efficiency comes profitability for your company!

5. Demonstrate how adaption to change is achievable

While change is inevitable, it isn’t easy. It’s often accompanied by resistance in the workplace. Motivational speakers are well-acquainted with how difficult change can be and how individuals can overcome obstacles for their own benefit and the benefit of the team. When it gets tough, they’ll remember their story and apply it to their own life.

Why should I hire a motivational speaker?

Motivation is the internal drive that prompts an individual to take action. While some of it is intrinsic, you can also encourage motivation in the workplace through inspiration. Hiring a motivational speaker is often an inspirational event. Hearing about how others have achieved their goals provides a clearer path for how your employees can do it themselves. Empowering your employees through speaker events is a sure way to boost the morale and energy level of your staff.

Are you interested in hiring a motivational speaker?

Motivational speaker and author Derek Clark share an inspiring message of resilience and redemption. Despite his own trials from a young age, Derek has created the life he always wanted. He is a successful entrepreneur and was the CEO of a multimillion-dollar corporation. His true-life trials and triumphs have inspired hundreds of thousands to push themselves.

He is available for speaking events both in person and via Zoom. For more booking information, visit here

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