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Derek Clark is an inspiring Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS) motivational speaker and trainer who’s message directly correlates with the core features of PBIS. Derek’s motivational and educational keynotes inspire teachers and counselors to connect with their students by having positive engagement, creating an environment conducive to success for students who are at risk and establishing acknowledgment systems that build upon the strength of students, not their weaknesses. The Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS) framework is a positive structure for preventative and proactive response to student needs.

Derek’s experiential knowledge is priceless and extremely helpful for educators and counselors. As a child, he was brutally abused and abandoned at a psychiatric facility at age 5. After a short time there, he was transferred into the foster care system where he would have to spend the next 13 years of his early life contending with PTSD and the effects of physical, emotional, psychological trauma as well as feeling rejected, abandoned, humiliated and aggressive.

With the help of two brilliant teachers who were his foster parents, he learned some valuable strategies on how to divorce his story from a victim mentality into a victor. Derek Clark’s never give up approach has a variety of tools and strategies aligned with research around effective intervention for student success.

Derek also helps at risk youth focus on his 3-part formula “Struggles to Solutions to Success”. With his system, he acknowledges and validates the students struggle but doesn’t stop there. He helps them find out what they want to be in life (find the solution out of their adversity) and then he helps them create a M.A.P. Massive Action Plan for success.

He teaches on the matter that you can’t unpack and live in the past and that your current situation does not have to be your final destination. He believes that having small monumental goals for the youth helps excel them into success as well as build their self-esteem.

Here is a recent testimonial from San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools “Your keynote was phenomenal. Thank you for “bringing it” to our educator conference!”

In compliance with the educational policy, schools must adopt a framework for responding to students social, emotional and behavioral needs proactively.
US Department of Education’s Office of Education programs is an office that focuses on providing a multi-tiered approach to meeting the social, emotional and behavioral needs of students.

Derek Clark is a powerful motivational speaker for trauma education. The more you know about trauma, the better you will do in serving the needs of your students.

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