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Motivational Speaker Derek Clark Inspires TEDx Conference With His Foster Care Story
How the Developing Brain is Hurt by Childhood Trauma

Have you ever heard the adage that 90 percent of the brain is developed by age 5? When you think about all the academic schooling and high-level engagement you receive after this age, this may seem like it’s a bit

From Foster Care to Success! Derek Clark is an Inspiring Keynote Speaker on Childhood Trauma, Foster Care, Juvenile Justice, Early Childhood Development, Child Welfare and ACE’s

From Foster Care to Success! Derek Clark is an inspiring Keynote Speaker on Childhood Trauma, Foster Care, Child Welfare and ACE’s Derek Clark is an inspiring conference keynote speaker on childhood trauma, ACEs, child welfare and foster care. If you

What Audiences Are Saying About Motivational Speaker Derek Clark’s Conference Keynotes and Training

Take a Look at Motivational Speaker Derek Clark’s Conference Audience Reviews. Hello conference planners and event organizers. Looking for a top keynote speaker or trainer?   Hire motivational keynote speaker Derek Clark to speak at your next conference or training. His

Adverse Childhood Experiences, Trauma and Crime

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and Crime You may have read about the school-to-prison pipeline which discusses how education and public safety policies push students into the criminal legal system through “zero-tolerance” disciplinary policies. Yet, before some of these students even

Motivational Speaker Derek Clark: Survivor, Childhood Trauma, ACEs, Resilience and Redemption

Motivational Speaker Derek Clark: Childhood Trauma, ACEs, Survivor, Resilience, Redemption and Victor Over His Past!    No — not that type of “Survivor.” I didn’t play a reality TV game for 39 days on an island to outplay, outwit, and

How the 4 Stages of an Inner Child Affect Adults Who’ve Experienced Childhood Trauma

How the 4 Stages of an Inner Child Affect an Adult Who May Have Experienced Childhood Trauma In psychology, an inner child is a person’s childlike aspect. It includes all of what a person learned as a child before puberty

Childhood Trauma: Your Wounded Inner Child From ACEs

Childhood Trauma: Your Wounded Inner Child from ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences)   Your “inner child” is part of your subconscious that has been picking up messages way before it was able to fully process what was going on (both emotionally

How to Start Healing From Childhood Trauma –  Adverse Childhood Experiences

How to Start Healing From Childhood Trauma –  Adverse Childhood Experiences Inside every adult is a child who wants to feel the safety and love they never received when they needed it most. Children desire security, validation, acknowledgment, love, and

How Childhood Trauma Affects the Brain? Derek Clark Shares his Amen Clinic Spect Brain Scans!

How Childhood Trauma Affects the Brain Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting with Dr. Daniel Emina at Amen Clinics in Orange County. While I’m an open book about my early life and childhood trauma, this appointment is next-level vulnerable

Why Hire Derek Clark? Motivational and Inspirational Keynote Speaker that Inspires!

In the past year, companies have struggled to stay afloat during the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet, while C-suite executives and upper-level management are watching the bottom line, their employees are struggling under the weight of the events surrounding them. From economic

Healing Childhood Trauma by Building Relationships of Trust

When trauma occurs, trust is often shattered. Childhood trauma survivors often have difficulty creating connections and building relationships — even with close family members or friends. Because they live in fear and worry about whether the world is safe, they’re

Childhood Trauma May Create a Higher Risk of Having Mental Health Issues – Keynote Speaker Derek Clark

Childhood trauma can take various forms, such as physical, sexual, emotional, and neglect. This particular factor is responsible for adverse health consequences in adults. Adverse childhood experiences research has show that adults who have been exposed to child maltreatment (ACE’s)

Inspirational Virtual Keynote Speaker and Trainer

The world is now sick. We all know that the day is not beautiful as before. However, we do not want to stop inspiring you! During COVID-19, we are doing online events to inspire and educate your employees. This training

Childhood Trauma Training for Educators

Derek Clark’s inspiring programs include childhood trauma informed training for school teachers. School teachers who are trained on childhood trauma can create a secure environment, validate the student’s feelings, have a caring tone and the right body language, as well

Zoom and Google Meet Comments about Derek Clark’s Virtual Keynotes and Training

Do not leave us now. You are great! I’m so enjoying this keynote speaker! PREACH 😍🙏❤️ I am literally at a loss of words after listening to your story. I have never been so moved or motivated in my life.

Original Wound from Childhood Trauma – Help Heal the Child – Keynote Speaker Derek Clark

Your Original Wound from Childhood Trauma When you go through childhood trauma, it leaves a wound that follows you through life. Even if you heal this wound, its scar affects your relationships, career, parenting style, self-esteem, and perspective on the

Childhood Traumatic Stress – Keynote Speaker Derek Clark

Children with Traumatic Stress Stressful events can drastically impact how children think and feel. While children are resilient and often rebound well, there are times that trauma can leave a lasting emotional, mental, and physical impact. In fact, some individuals

The Best Motivational Speakers are the Ones Who Have Overcome Adversity

There’s a reason why Olympic athletes, politicians, and successful entrepreneurs are the best-known motivational speakers. They didn’t set out to be motivational speakers from the get-go; they settled into that career path after they learned real-world strategies to overcome diversity

Inspirational and Motivational Videos of Hope, Faith and Courage – Derek Clark Videos

Motivational speaker Derek Clark’s life is one of resilience and redemption. Derek didn’t let his childhood trauma and foster care hold him back. With the help of his teachers, counselors, foster parents, social workers and mentors, he healed from his

Childhood Trauma Doesn’t Discriminate

When evaluating childhood trauma, experts often look at ACEs, or adverse childhood experiences. These include: Parental divorce or separation Parental death Parental incarceration Violence in the home or neighborhood Living with a mentally ill adult Living with someone with a

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